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Hand in hand with community partners, On the Road  brings together an array of San Luis Valley voices for a free and open to the public series of Campfire Conversations, in which we gain a closer look at the relationships that we hold with the places we call home.

“The relationships we hold with this valley run deep. Our personal experiences and cultural narratives may be uniquely our own, but our stories come together as one to reveal a set of common values and a shared sense of belonging.”
—Jason Medina

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Friday Paint Night
Sunday School


These FREE community projects are sponsored by the LOR Foundation  

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More projects are in development for 2024!



At The Church Project Limited, we believe the power of the arts unlocks creativity and brings people together to develop and nurture creative problem solving skills that can be applied to everyday life and work environments. We do this through various artistic mediums such as journalism, music, dance, theater, and visual arts.

Our mission is to provide the space and freedom for all people to unlock their creative potential. 

Not everyone owns the title "Artist", but opportunities steeped in creativity allow people to express themselves and breakdown barriers to social justice. 

"The Church Project is a space to fail with out embarrassment..."

-Joel (Senior Leadership Team, Stone Sculptor)

A piece of history...

Though the project site is a Baptist Church, there is no religious affiliation that drives our programs. However, no matter who you are or what your belief system entails, all are welcome to participate in The Church Project.

I did a Google search in July of 2023, "How to turn a church into an art center..."

An article published by The National Trust for Historic Preservation shared 10 inspiring transformations, read the article, Losing My Religion (But Not the Building).


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The Church Project Limited is a for-profit Colorado-based business located in the 100-year-old First Baptist Church in Monte Vista. The site itself is a living piece of art that is beginning its transformation to become a Community Art Center for the residents and visitors of the San Luis Valley. 


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